Management Policies

Management Policies

Quality Policy

Quality Policy - CORE Electronics | Electronic ComponentsQuality is an integral part of Core Electronics’ Corporate Business Principles. At its core, Quality is first and foremost about trust in our products and in our company.

Our Corporate Business Principles support our vision of serving electronic industry through customized production with high quality, precision and innovative production in order to deliver products and services that are safe, reliable, compliant and preferred. They are essential for the achievement of our ambition to be recognized as a trusted partner for all of customers.

Our Quality Policy's essential elements includes:

  • Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System in documentation, system support and certification to comply with the ISO 9001 standard requirements
  • Fostering a quality mind-set with the objective of developing, manufacturing and providing products with zero defects that are trusted and preferred by our customers
  • Review of quality objectives and results by continuously challenging ourselves to improve the quality management system to guarantee product safety, prevent quality incidents and eliminate defects
  • Encouraging participation and promotion of quality responsibilities amongst all employees and third parties through standards, training, coaching, supervision and communication
  • Ensuring that the Quality Policy is reviewed at least annually and communicated to employees and third parties
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements

At Core Electronics, teamwork, engagement, ownership and support of every employee are vital for achieving our quality objectives. In this context, we are committed to providing the required leadership, management and resources.

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Our main goal as Core Electronics in human resources is to be a preferred SME by its employees and to provide and increase long-term employee satisfaction. In this context, we are inspired by ISO26000:2010.

We prioritize creating a comfortable, healthy and valued environment for our employees. Extra working hours are monitored and controlled in order not to exceed the healthy working principles, and the rights of earnings arising from possible overtime are paid to the persons.

We strive to create a humanitarian environment based on understanding and trust for our employees and prevent or warn any situation or behavior that is contrary to humanitarian working conditions. We work as a team in a way that supports our employees to be proactive and creative, to take initiative and to develop their competencies with an understanding that gives our employees the opportunity to develop themselves.

We support diversity, act and decide with a viewpoint that does not allow for any discrimination of religion, language, race or gender. The best example of this is the female employee rate in our company. It is rare not only in Turkey but also in the world, to have 80% of blue-collar workers as women.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Being aware of and adopting the concepts of protection, improvement and environmental sustainability of the natural environment, Core Elektronik has accepted the protection of the environment as an indicator of respect for the society, beyond legal requirements, especially in order to minimize the negative impact of the industrial sector on the environment.

Therefore, our goal is;

  • To control, reduce and prevent the factors that cause environmental destruction,
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance and quality,
  • To contribute to raising the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, customers and society,
  • To use global resources effectively by following the developing environmental protection systems and techniques,
  • To reduce scrap and waste rates and to follow up their evaluation,
  • To minimize pollution in the production process,
  • To take advantage of raw material sources that do not carry pollution and health risks, taking into account the environmental effects of materials that will create life-long hazards already at the design stage.

Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy

Core Electronics adopts a

  • transparent,
  • fair,
  • always accountable and open

understanding of management and operations.

Working in compliance with legal regulations is for us default. All decisions are made based on ethical behavior and ethical business understanding and values.

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