DIP Power Inductors

DIP Power Inductors

DIP power inductors are passive electronic components produced by linear winding. It is used to prevent high frequency alternating current and low frequency currents.

Thanks to their small pins, they can be easily mounted on electronic boards.

It is possible to produce with cores of different sizes with different winding and definition in our company.

Our products are 100% special production and are manufactured according to your needs, to the requirements and limits of the electronic circuit, in any technical description.

Our products are<br>produced according to your demand. Our products are
produced according to your demand.
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DIP Power Inductors - Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics
DIP Power Inductors - Small Domestic Appliances Small Domestic Appliances
DIP Power Inductors - Lighting Lighting
DIP Power Inductors - Speaker & Hifi Systems Speaker & Hifi Systems
DIP Power Inductors - Elevator Electronics Elevator Electronics
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